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IDX instruments

IDX Instruments offers a colorful range of ergonomic high-quality dental instruments with a 12mm handle thickness and comfortable silicone grip for control and precision. The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue, improving efficiency for dental professionals. The wide product range caters to specific needs in dental care.

 IDX Instruments combines form and function, providing reliable, stylish, and user-friendly tools that elevate dental practice experiences while ensuring patients receive the highest quality care. Discover the IDX Instruments difference today.

  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
  • Improved efficiency for dental professionals
  • Wide product range for specific dental needs
  • Perfect blend of form and function
  • Reliable, stylish, and user-friendly instruments

IDX Plus instruments

IDX Plus Instruments offers a comprehensive range of high-quality dental instruments featuring 13.5mm handle thickness and a silicone grip for enhanced comfort, control, and precision during dental procedures. 

The ergonomic grip of IDX Plus Instruments is a standout feature designed to enhance the user experience for dental professionals. The combination of a 13.5mm handle thickness and a silicone grip ensures optimal comfort and control during dental procedures. This ergonomic design effectively reduces hand fatigue, allowing practitioners to work for extended periods without compromising precision or effectiveness. 

By prioritizing the ergonomic grip, IDX Plus Instruments enables dental professionals to perform at their best, ultimately providing better care for their patients.

  • Ergonomic grip: Provides optimal comfort and control for dental professionals
  • 13.5mm handle thickness: Ensures a comfortable hold during procedures
  • Silicone grip material: Reduces hand fatigue during extended use
  • Enhanced precision: Allows for more accurate and efficient dental work
  • Improved effectiveness: Promotes better care for patients by enabling dental professionals to perform at their best


Introducing MA Dental's PremiumTouch dental instruments with 10mm hollow handles for optimal performance and comfort. Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, these ergonomic instruments offer better grip and precision, enhancing tactile sensitivity and reducing hand fatigue.

Available with or without a blue coating on the working ends, PremiumTouch instruments cater to individual preferences. The blue coating increases corrosion resistance and maintains a professional appearance. Elevate your clinical experience and invest in these state-of-the-art tools for improved efficiency and patient care. Discover the PremiumTouch difference today.

  • 10mm hollow handles for optimal performance and comfort
  • Ergonomic design with top-grade stainless steel for better grip and precision
  • Enhanced tactile sensitivity and reduced hand fatigue
  • Blue coating for increased corrosion resistance and professional appearance
  • Versatile, suitable for various dental applications


MA Dental's SilverTouch 6 line offers a cost-effective solution for dental professionals in search of top-tier hand instruments. Its 6mm solid handle thickness ensures durability, while the ergonomic design facilitates comfortable usage. With a wide range of instruments available, the SilverTouch 6 line is perfect for dental practices looking to invest in high-quality tools without compromising on affordability. Experience the perfect blend of quality, durability, and value with MA Dental's SilverTouch 6 line.

  • Cost-effective solution for high-quality hand instruments
  • 6mm solid handle thickness for enhanced durability
  • Comprehensive range of dental instruments for various procedures
  • Competitive pricing without compromising on performance or functionality


Introducing Silvertouch 8 by MA Dental, a premium line of dental hand instruments with an 8mm hollow handle for an ergonomic steel grip. Experience enhanced comfort, control, and precision during dental procedures, thanks to the high-quality materials and design. The Silvertouch 8 collection offers exceptional value for money, helping to reduce hand fatigue and improve efficiency without compromising quality. Elevate your dental practice with these comfortable and precise instruments, blending ergonomics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

  • 8mm hollow handle with ergonomic steel grip
  • Enhanced comfort, control, and precision
  • High-quality materials and exceptional value for money
  • Reduced hand fatigue and improved efficiency

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