Sharp periodontal instruments
Available in IDX & Premium-Touch handle

Premium Sharp and IDX Sharp re new members of the MA Dental family.

MA Dental is proud to announce its new line of Premium Sharp and IDX Sharp instruments. This new range reflects MA Dental's commitment to providing a wide array of high-quality instruments that are ergonomically designed and cost-effective by MA Dental for practicing dentists.


Our sharp instruments are available in two different handle options: Premium sharp and IDX sharp

  • Premium Sharp instruments: 

These instruments have a premium handle (black titanium coated).

  • IDX Sharp 

 These instruments have an ergonomic, silicone-based handle that offers a comfortable and superior grip.

Sharp instruments are made from premium-quality sharp Swiss steel. The majority of dental tools have an HRC value of 51-33. HRC is the industry standard for determining an instrument's sharpness. MA Dentals sharp instruments have attained a strong 60 HRC due to the unique heat treatment, assuring unparalleled sharpness lifetime.

 All of our sharp instruments are completely sharpen-free and non-stick. They have supreme wear resistance and maintain long-term sharpness. The special black titanium oxide coating ensures that they are easy to clean and give minimal reflection when use.

Benefits of sharp instruments 

  • Completely sharpen-Free

  • Non-stick

  • Superior sharpness

  • Durable and long-lasting sharpness

  • Minimal reflection

  • Minimal maintenance

  • HRC 60

  • Improved productivity

  • Highest grade ergonomics with a comfortable grip

  • Hygiene friendly & easy to clean

Our sharp instruments completely eliminate the need for re-sharpening instruments, and MA Dental’s sharp instruments are therefore a perfect solution to the common re-sharpening problem associated with hand instruments.

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